Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chicken - my favorite : event round up

The last one month has been simply great. Each morning I log on to my gmail account and there is a delicious chicken dish waiting for me. The enormous variety and the mouthwatering pictures actually would get me hungry from morning itself. My daughter who has been at home with school holidays on has been enjoying looking through the various blogs and has been urging to make this dish today and that tomorrow.

This is my very first event. I have been watching the events taking place in the blogging world for sometime now and have been wanting to host one of my own. However, the thought of whether I would get any entries at all has been making me put it off for so long. The fear of failure you know. What if I do not get a single entry. However, I am glad and thankful to all my blogging friends to have proved me wrong. It has been great doing the round-up with so many wonderful recipes. This one month has truly been a great experience, not only did I get to host my first event, got a good number of entries as well which makes be delighted and also made many new and good friends online.
So to begin with here’s the roundup to a great collection of 50 chicken recipes. An anytime guide to making great chicken whether for your party or everyday cooking.

1) Maya Shanbag from
- Chicken with greens/Saagwaala Murgh (a delicious chicken dish that combines the goodness of spinach and collard greens)

- Malvani chicken curry

2) Priyanka Srivastav of asan khana has a mini round up of her own. She has re-published all her earlier chicken recipes and given me a whole big spread to lay out.
- Chicken curry, chicken biriyani, elaichi wala kesar murgh, murgh khubani, dhaba wala kaleji fry, Goan chicken curry

- Croutons pizza, chicken wheat wrap, nawabi murg, kodi gassi

- Adraki murg

3) Vijitha john
- delicious Hyderabadi biriyani recipe. Yumm…

4) Jz @ Tasty treats
- Diced chicken with vegetables

- Chicken Korma (a tasty chicken dish with a rich gravy of almonds, cashews, curd and roasted coconut)

5) Kamala presents the authentic flavor of chettinad with the
- Chettinad chicken gravy

6) Srilekha
- Chicken chukka

- Chicken chalna

- Pepper chicken

- Chicken Kolambu

7) Sig
- Thattukada Chicken (A street food style spicy chicken fry from Kerala)

8) Sumathy Subramanian
- Chicken Fajita wraps (Tortilla wraps rolled with stir fried chicken and some veggies, topped with fajita sauce and yogurt)

9) Ramya Bala
-Spicy chicken curry (A Traditional Chicken Curry with a touch of My mom n me...)

- Chicken Biriyani (Most simple recipe for tastiest Biriyani.Come on,its time to lick your fingers!!!)

10) Sheetal
- Hyderabadi Kheema

- Punjabi Chicken Bhuna

- Chicken Kheema Paratha

10) Sita
-Kadai chicken

11) Neema Narayan of
-Chicken –do- pyaz

-Malay Spicy chicken (an authentic Malaysian dish that is simple, tasty and aromatic)

-Meaty Spaghetti

13) Nags
- Kodi Iguru (Roasted chicken in caramelized onions)

14) Sujatha
-Spinach chicken

15) Rina
-chicken chettinad

-chicken fry (simple and tasty chicken recipe)

-Shred chicken (a family favorite)

- Sweet and spicy chicken

- Kothu parotta

18) Cham
-Tandoori chicken

19) Medhaa
-Mughlai chicken

20) Prajusha
- chicken fry

21) Aarti vivek - Fajita (An easy to make mexican dish that can also be made with fish,steak, anything you like. Very delicious and tasty too)

- Chicken biriyani ( a quick and easy chicken delight)

-Spicy chilli (spicy chilli with chicken)

-Chicken fry (quick and easy spicy chicken. Goes well with rice/rotis and ready in a jiffy)

- Pepper chicken

22) Happy cook
-Kolkata egg rolls (One of the delicious street food you can have, while you are in the city)

23) Aditi
- chicken –the Maharashtrian style (yummy gravy and great aroma)

24) Ranjeetha Prabhu
-Chicken Roganjosh (An aromatic curry cooked with any meat in butter/ghee with lots of spices)
chicken roganjosh

25)Suma rajesh -Baked chicken wings

- Xacuti - Goan Chicken

27) Vani of
-Pepper chicken (kozhambhu) curry

-Chicken soup (Microwave cooking)

-Chicken fry

-Chicken biriyani with onion raitha

28) Asha
-Chicken masala with turmeric rice

29) Sukanya Ramkumar
- Chettinad Varutha Kozhi / Chettinad Chicken Fry (Chettinad Varutha Kozhi is a spicy chicken cooked until thick as desired)


@the_whisk_affair said...

awesome round-up....should be a reference in every chicken lovers collection!! :-) great job, vandana!

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great round up..good collection of chicken recipes

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What a collection..... I bookmarked this;)

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oh my husband loves these....

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great event!!! I'm bookmarking this page to try out one by one.

Sujatha said...

Fabulous Collection! I have bookmarked it and am sure I'll make many of these... Thanks for all the hardwork put on it, dear Vandana!

vandana rajesh said...

Thanks for the support, encouragement and all the delicious entries. Have ben experiencing some internet problems so the missing pics. Will be up on in a day's time. Sorry to all those who were disappointed not to see their pic with their entry.

Prajusha said...

Lovely round up.ncie to see lot of yummy chicken recipes.

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Lovely collection of chicken recipes..each good in their way...

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Lovely round-up Vandana..Thanx for hosting :)..

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u have a surprise in my blog

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Vandana, what an amazing collection of chicken recipe! I'll will prepare all of them, if I can. Thanks a lot for the recipes!

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Oh oh u make me feel hungry gal! Delicious round up :)

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hi vandana!!!thank u so much for letting me knoe of the round up...congrats on ur successful 1st eevnt...this is an absolutely gr8 collection of chicken recipes..i love them all..bookmarking it for future reference :)...looking fwd to ur next theme...good job keep it up :)..

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Vandana..thats a great collection!..thanks for the round up..

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Hey Vandana, thats an awesome list! a yummy list to look at too. Great job yaar!

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Thanks Vandana, this is a gr8 round up...beautiful collection.

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Great roundup, Vandana!! Now I know where to go if I want to find a delicious chicken recipe! Great job.

SMM said...

round up of chicken receipes. My husband wants a pure non-veg dinner and I go crazy tryign to think up something new every night. I have a read reference for quite a few dinner now.. Will definitely be around more often for some more great recipes. Thanks :)