Monday, February 1, 2016

Kashi Art Cafe Fort Kochi Kerala

Kochi for us is not a city, it is a feeling!!

Kashi Art Cafe. Have been hearing a lot about this beautiful cafe from the lovers of the art world.  I could kind of identify with the feeling as hubby and I have been frequent visitors of Samovar(the Cafe at the Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai, which is now closed down). It has been on the list for the past few months. Fort Kochi has always been on the map for us, being in love with Jew Town, the art inspirations, the aroma of the spices and the oh so Kochi charm that is has.

One Saturday after lunch and daughter's music class we decided to check out the Kashi Art Cafe that we had heard of. A quaint cafe located in one of the bye-lanes of the beautiful Fort Kochi, Kashi Art Cafe was one that we took an instant liking for.

A beautiful sculpture invites you in the courtyard at the entrance adding that so very arty feel to it. There was this art exhibition titled the Womens Project on at the time , black and white works by two good artistes. We walked past the entrance and found ourselves a seat. Comfortable seating and lovely ambience. The place soon filled up with people of all age groups. From the body language you could tell that most of them were regulars there and there were a few like us who were first timers happy to find a place to sit down and catch up for a while and also have a good bite.

Done in good taste, a simple decor idea with lot of greenery; it has a very art world inspired feel to it. It is the go to place for many artistes in the Fort Kochi area. The staff is nice, served us quickly and also seemed quite used to people sitting around for long doing almost nothing. The staff was courteous without intruding into our space. That was a nice feeling really. 

We were there after lunch and so wanted just something light, the whole idea was to get a feel of the place. Ordered ourselves a fresh lime soda(there is an added flavour of an ayurvedic herb that gives a nice refreshing feel to it), a black tea for hubby and a slice of homemade cake (with dates and walnuts and a generous helping at that).  

Have been told by friends who are regular at the Kashi art cafe that it is a nice place to visit for breakfast. The chicken sandwich and the chocolate cake on the menu is a must try. 

 We were back with a nice feeling of having spent quality time in a lovely place. We will definitely go back again for a good relaxed breakfast or brunch some day. It is nice place to just go with a book or your laptop and get to some good reading or writing in a relaxed ambience.
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