Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Restaurant Review : Irish House Kala Ghoda Mumbai

The New year starts with a promise to myself to be here at the blog more often(last year was crazy with the moving and the board exams, so had to be away from blogging for quite a few months). Inspired by Darren Rowse's post on chalking out a blog calender for the year right at the beginning, I have begun work on it. Resolutions resolutions..A trip to the food blogging world is always an overwhelming experience with so many yummy recipes, the tempting pics and perfect food styling. So this year I wish to try out many of those bookmarked recipes from the blogs(my list is just exploding).

The first post of the year is a walk down memory lane. The Irish House pictures have been waiting in the wings for quite a while now. So today when I was browsing through my camera pictures I decided it is now time for them to take centrestage. I don't know if deep down it is a feeling of missing Mumbai that made me pull out these pictures today and write the post. Moving from one place to another sure have their share of goods and bads.

As I sit in my home in the lovely city of Kochi(Kerala) typing away this post on my laptop, the pictures bring back beautiful memories of the magical city of Mumbai and evenings with hubby over good food.

Irish House, for me, is symbolic with good food, service and great ambience. For anyone who has visited this pub once, the place has a pull that will take you back again.They have a good food menu to go with the elaborate bar menu(cannot comment much on that as I stick to my orange juice or the virgin mojito). Lovely ambience with high energy levels is yet another factor that brings people back in here. The coasters and the framed writings on beer and drinks on the wall are catchy and bring on an instant smile.

Youngsters straight from office stepping in for a quick drink with friends before heading home, the corporate managers out on a business cum fun evening, the seniors who love the city and its energy and couples who look forward to spending an evening together, you will find the entire range here.
Nice to watch people and there is so much talking that each person's body language does. Interesting to watch people and how each one behaves and reacts differently in the given set of circumstances.

Stepping into the building that has a small entrance from the sidewalk at Kala Ghoda, I didn't know what to expect upstairs. The small entrance opens into a wide stairway with a huge mirror at one end. The doors opened and I soon realized that what seems to be such a quite entrance actually houses a whole buzzing world inside.

Wooden flooring, dim lighting with the bar area very well lit, comfortable seating (even if you walk in as a large group) makes it a fun place that promises to make it a memorable time for you.

Here are some more captures from Irish House. 

 As I write this post in the new year, Irish House has a whole new menu for 2016 and so there's lots more to look forward to. We tried the fish and chips, the bouquet of fries with the yummy dips, the falafel burgers, spaghetti with chicken, and the moussaka. It was all yumm. Will I go back there again? Yes, anytime I can:)...waiting.
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