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Status Restaurant Nariman Point Mumbai

A South Indian home, I generally have a bowl of batter ready for the fluffy idlis and the crisp dosas. Breakfast and weekly once dinner for my hubby means either the soft white idlis or his favourite, the crispy dosas. However, once a while I like to be pampered and wish to have a hot crispy dosa with chutneys and sambar, all served to me (masala dosa being my favourite).

When I think of South Indian, I think of STATUS. Fresh, quick and yummy meals. This is one place that takes me back often for more of that great taste. Believe me the taste has been consistent and the service just too good each time (with the welcoming staff who are only too eager to make it a memorable experience for you, and they have done so each time I must say).
The Restaurant and to the left the self service counter

Tucked away in the busy business district of Mumbai, Nariman Point, Status as I am told is 27 years old. A stone's throw away from the power centre, the Mantralaya (Secretariat), the restaurant is a favourite with office goers here and finding a seat during lunch hours is quite a task. Weekend dinners too is a very popular affair with the parking lot full of chairs with eager customers waiting to go in. Everyone seems to be so patient and ready to wait. Must say here that the restaurant runs a real efficient system and even on a really busy day 45-60 minutes you can be sure of getting a seat inside. Once inside, the staff does not hurry you one bit and lets you enjoy the meal completely irrespective of the number of people waiting outside. 

 Crispy Vadas Served on a Banana Leaf

A place known for its South Indian, Gujarati and Punjabi Cuisine, they offer quality at a price that is easy on the pocket. Status also has a self-service section outside for those who wish to have a quick bite and get going. 

Crispy Masala Dosa in Ghee

Ghee Sada Dosa
The Accompaniments

A brightly lit, spic and span, air conditioned restaurant with good comfortable seating awaits you inside. The Masala Dosa, Ghee Sada Dosa, Medu Vadas all served with chutney and sambar are personal favourites. Liked the Chole Bature too(the chole very different from the usual, they make it with the kala chana in a nicely spiced gravy). The Veg Biriyani too is highly recommended one with a pot full of flavours but not spicy, a melt in your mouth dish. Check out the Gujarati Thali for an authentic Gujarati fare. The Naans and the Paneer Butter Masala too is worth indulging in. You can be sure of an enjoyable pure vegetarian meal and lovely experience that will make you come back for more.

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