Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sandwiches and Burgers Event Round Up

This has been long pending, the Sandwiches and burgers event round up that is about 2 months delayed. I apologise for the delay as there has been a lot happening after the event announcement took place. I have shifted base and now slowly settling down after packing, the initial unpacking, daughter's admission and a whole lot of other things.Took a beak from work as it was almost impossible managing work, home and the shifting and with a creative job you are always trying to come up with new ideas and how to convey ideas and concepts in a whole new way.

The first post this new year and just loving the idea of the sandwiches and burgers round up, a collection of quick and delicious recipes that would be liked by all at home. It is been a nice year at the blog with experiments at learning new dishes, interacting with new foodies, participating in the blogging marathon and making a few changes on the template. New resolutions and new plans for the blog with working at better food pictures, food styling and also being more regular at the blog flood is part of the New Year plans.

Coming back to the round up, an evening snack, an after school meal or a healthy breakfast is what all these recipes prove to be. Lovely blogs all of them and it has been a real delight knowing and making such wonderful friends in the blogging world. will get on to the round up without much ado...the recipes are in the order in which I have received them, all of them a potpourri of flavours and one that I would love to add to my repertoire and try out. With school re-opening almost here, these are wonderful lunch box ideas that your little darlings would simply love.

Priya of Priya's Versatile Receipes, an enthusiastic food blogger has sent in some of her delicious recipes for my previous events too and this time to she has come up with three yummy creations.
Potato & Spinach Sandwich - A wonderful sandwich to sneak greens quickly without lossing their health values.
Caramelized Apple & Nesquik Open Faced Sandwich- Suits perfectly for your kids evening snacks, you can mix and match their favourite fruits with their favourite spreads.
Cauliflower Mayonnaise Sandwich - A super light sandwich to enjoy without any hesitation for a quick lunch.
Chef Mireille with her beautiful creations. Loved the wraps and sandwiches that have a real nice flavour and twist to it.Roasted Habanero Pineapple Wrap - fresh vegetables are flavored with an intense pineapple salsa in this wrap.

Healthy Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich - a high protein quick tasty sandwich
Breakfast Wrap - a delicious breakfast wrap that combines veggies with eggs. A great start to a great day.
If any of the entries have been missed , please do intimate me regarding the same at and I will only be glad to include it.

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