Sunday, April 17, 2016

Paper Boat - Drinks and Memories - a Review

Stepping into a supermarket, the paper boat drinks have always caught my attention. Love the bright colours, the design that holds something special - a memory, a thought, there's something special that immediately connects. 

The brand has brought into the supermarkets and stores drinks that takes one back to the childhood days. So when I got this email from the marketing team asking if I could review it on my blog, I said an immediate "Yes". On Saturday I received this package with the Paperboat Panakam Drink which I understand is a limited edition launch here in South India on the occasion of Ram Navami. Panakam is a drink prepared as prasadam for Rama Navami and is a wonderful way to beat that summer heat.

On opening the package , the aroma of the Paper Boat Panakam drink  really had something in it that transported me back to my Granny's kitchen. I really am finding the feeling difficult to articulate but there was something in it that unlocked childhood memories that were locked away in some part of my brain. It was a nice happy feeling.

I refrigerated one pack and it was really refreshing with the pleasant jaggery base, lemon and I could taste the ginger and cardamom that lend its flavour but still stayed subtle in their expression. A beautiful blend of traditional taste brought together in this drink. For me, this drink is a winner and I sure am tempted to try some more flavours from Paper Boat.

The drinks are packaged in 250 ml packages and the brand states that it uses no preservatives and no added colours. This drink is priced at Rs 30 and has a packaging that is very convenient to carry even while travelling. Just, shake, open and drink.

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