Thursday, July 18, 2013

Juicy grilled chicken for a quick weekday lunch

Weekdays are getting busy with work taking up a big chunk of my time. Errands to be run, a little time for the house in the mornings and cooking lunch by the time by little darling is back home from school with expectation about the menu written large on her face...on some days, like all of us sometimes do, wish there were just a few more hours in the day or a few more hands:). This juicy quick grilled chicken was yet another among the quick chicken recipes that was just apt for a busy day like this. Marinated the chicken the previous day, a quick pasta(she can have it anytime of the day..blind love) and all I had to do was get the marinated chicken in the oven and get back to work until the friendly beep of the oven reminded me that it is time to indulge.

Now for the chicken recipe:
Chicken - 200 gms( if using with bones it will take slightly longer to cook)
Salt - to taste
Pepper- 1 tsp
Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Italian seasoning - 1/2 tsp
Lime Juice - 2 tbsp Olive oil - 1 tbsp(you may use any cooking oil instead)

Method for the grilled chicken recipe:
1- Mix together salt, pepper, garlic paste, Italian seasoning(if there is a specific herb that you prefer you can decide to add only that)and olive oil in a bowl.Add in the chicken pieces. Marinate for 4 to 6 hours. Keep the chicken in the refrigerator(not freezer) during the time. You may decide to marinate it overnight too.
2- Take the high rack of the oven and cover with aluminium foil(this makes for very clean cooking and the juices instead of dripping off will stay on the aluminium foil itself making the chicken more succulent and tasty)
3- Place the marinated chicken pieces on the aluminium foil covered rack. Grill in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Make sure you turn the pieces over after 15 minutes of cooking.
4-Your grilled chicken is now ready to serve. You may serve the grilled chicken with pasta, garlic bread and a salad of your choice.


Rupa said...

SO we don't ned to boil the chicken foirst ? just marinate and grill ? at what temperature?

Anonymous said...

grilled to rustic perfection, can tempt all foodies we guess, so good

Vandana Rajesh said...

Rupa, thanks for dropping by.No we do not need to boil the chicken. Marinate it, the longer you marinate the better the flavours will be. I use a Samsung microwave oven with convection and with the grill option do not need to set the temperature, you may however, bake it at 220 deg C in the oven. The time required however, would differ from oven to oven.