Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome Mumbai - and a sinful date with food

The magical city of Mumbai never ceases to impress. Come to Mumbai and you are sure to be bowled over by the sheer charisma and uniqueness of this beautiful city that has place for one and all. From street food that comprise of the popular vada pav, dosas to chinese Mumbai style to the exquisite fine dining restaurants there is so much happening on the food scene too. With news restaurants, workshops and brand launches only adding to the fervour, it is truly a place for any food lover to be.

Mumbai holds a lot of beautiful memories too for me personally, school, college days, courtship days and marriage. However, post marriage Mumbai has always been kind of a touch and go and now being back is a simply marvellous feeling. Taking the time out to just go around the beautiful city and introducing my teen to the flavours and magic that the city holds. You can expect to see a lot more here from the streets of Mumbai. With holidays on and Cafe Coffee Day high on the list we decided to catch a quick bite at the Wodehouse Road, Colaba branch of CCD whilst still unpacking and setting up our home. Here are a few pictures that tell tales of our quick and wonderful outing and time to bond together.
Nice plush interiors, cosy, vibrant a trademark of CCD. A nice breather for the swelting heat outside we chilled with a chocolate frappe, toastadas and a paneer subway. The pictures on the wall were oh so tempting that to top it all I had a sinful sundae with lots of chocolate ice cream combined beautifully with a divine chocolate cake with walnuts adding a nice crunch. CCD can however, definitely think of making additions to its menu. Sinful Indulgence at its best...we came back happy and all set to get started with more unpacking again.Have to settle down quickly before the schools re-open and there will be more coming in this space now with the kitchen operational and a mindset to explore more food lanes here.

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