Sunday, October 24, 2010

Samosa - the perfect Indian snack recipe

"Necessity is the mother of invention". I have heard this being used several times in the many years that I have been on this wonderful planet. However, never ever thought that necessity could really drive me so hard to try a hand at something that I have never ever done before. The "necessity" of your tastebuds can actually push you really hard "to the kitchen":)

The samosa has been a favorite tea time snack of mine. Although I have wanted to try a hand at making these crispy delights with the traditional potato filling, I have actually never got down to doing it till now. The reason for this being that the halwai's shop was just a hop, skip and jump from home. It took me only a few minutes to lay my hands on hot, crispy samosas with chutney...and not only samosas...whenever I did go to the halwai(which did happen quite often)was always very sympathetic towards the feelings of the other delicious eats that sat smiling along with the mouthwatering samosa. Now, now... I couldn't be partial at all... and so...with my share of samosas always came along a batch of tasty kachoris, jalebis and dhoklas too. Looking back all this is now just a sweet memory (or rather savory), and so, I had to get into the kitchen to please my poor tastebuds that have been deprived for long now:). So, the Samosa it was.

For the crust:
Maida or all-purpose flour - 1 cup
Ajwain or carom or caraway seeds - 2 pinches
Salt - 3 pinches
Oil -3 tbsp
Water - approx 1/4 cup

Method For the Crust:

1-Mix together the all purpose flour and oil. When completely done, add in the ajwain and salt and mix well.
2- Now add the water little by little to make a smooth yet hard dough. Keep aside for approximately 30 minutes covered with a slightly damp kitchen towel.
3- Make small balls out of the dough. One cup of maida will yield about 10 medium sized samosas and thus, make out 5 balls out of the dough.
4- Roll out each ball into a circle and cut it into two. Make a cone shape out of each of the semi-circles and fill in a tbsp of the filling mixture. Paste the edges with water and keep aside.
5- When all the 10 samosas are ready, fry them in hot oil on medium heat. The temperature of the oil would make a big difference to the crust of the samosa.

For the samosa filling you could make your choicest potato, paneer or even chicken filling and have a wonderful treat.


Jeyashris Kitchen said...

lovely samosa . came out very perfect

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Thks Jeya, Sarah, Miri.
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Uma said...

samosas look perfect and crisp!

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Hey thanks for stopping by Vandana and for the nice comment. This is undeniably my favourite snack. Never ventured to trying it home though. Yours looks super good. Keep visiting and so will I.

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Perfect and yummy samosa..

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