Sunday, August 3, 2008

Videos and recipes- the best way to master the nuances of cooking

The “paneer event” has come to an end and am sure glad to have been able to host this event. It has been a pleasure receiving the delicious entries. There are truly so many ways of cooking the Indian cheese or the paneer.
Events have been a great way of interacting and making new friends online. I am working on the compiling and would be putting together the round-up in the coming week. Thank you to all of you for your valued contributions.

Food blogging has truly been a wonderful way of interacting as well as learning new and interesting recipes…from everyday recipes to the exotic “daring bakers challenge” . It has been great watching so many enthusiastic foodies coming up with such wonderful irresistible creations in their kitchen.

When I began my culinary adventures, the internet was really not a very popular and easily accessible medium in India. So was restricted to the occasional television shows, the glossy magazines (that cooked dishes that were out of this world) and of course the tried and tested recipes handed down my mom and mom-in-law.

Today it is truly wonderful with a virtual world full of interesting recipes and also videos. The videos are my personal favorite. Although they have been eating into my internet download limit, it is wonderful to watch the master chefs at work. A step by step guide to making anything and everything that you wished for. You just have to make a keyword search and so many options. In fact the problem now is about how to narrow down your search and pin-point a good source. Here I would like to make special mention of the site that I have started enjoying. It is one that I follow regularly. The videos are wonderful and a number of “chefs at home” and also “professional chefs” who explain the nuances of cooking and come-up with marvelous creations right in front of you. The videos here also have a unique feature that provides you access to a list of ingredients as well as the method alongwith viewing the video. So you have a dual benefit of being able to watch the video and also have the measurements and method to try out the dish in your kitchen.

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In fact, the other day I was speaking to a friend of mine who got married recently. It is truly experimenting time in the kitchen for the newly weds. Sometimes they do feel great because they have come up with a great new dish however, mostly it is disaster time. I did suggest the site to them and found them mighty impressed. He says the videos are a real life saver. Staying away from parents and in-laws in nuclear families and fighting for survival (literally if you do not have any idea of cooking) can be very frustrating. Sites like this with a variety of cuisines to choose from can indeed prove to be really a knight in shining armor.

I can truly understand how difficult it can be initially since have gone through real tough times myself with no idea of cooking. The initial days were really frustrating. Now I can have a good laugh over the memories, however, those days I remember was really bad to be not able to eat my own creations. Glad to reach to this stage where I am enjoying sharing my recipes with foodies and also learning a great deal each day. It has been one great fun learning experience.

Would be posting the paneer event round up in a day or two. Happy friendship day to all of you for being so supportive and encouraging. Indeed the blogging world feels like an extended family now.


@the_whisk_affair said...

informative, vandana! i am really sad that i couldnt participate in the paneer event, cos i love paneer! :-(

thanks for sharing the info abt the website! belated friendship day to u too!

ST said...

informative and useful post vandana:))

Medhaa said...

Lovely Post vandana, I thaught I had tried my options with paneer but this round up introduced me to more recipes. Thanks for this wonderful round up.