Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What am I hooked to these days?

What has been happening here at my space these days? What am hooked to? actually a lot of things have me busy, from cooking, books to sewing; there are a lot of interests that have me busy. Ups and downs are part of life, but the important part is to stay focused and keep moving. If you have interests and hobbies, there is surely not a dull moment in life, in fact, you are always trying to find time to squeeze in a little more. Now what have I been doing these days?

1- Google+

Google+ for beginners could mean a really silent room where nothing ever happens. This is especially true if you have come exploring here from a busy happening forever shouting and screaming FB. But believe me, Google+ is a great place to be and a great way to connect whether you are a blogger or have any other interests. There are huge number of talented people out here who love what they are doing. The works, the writings, the pictures all go to show that it is pure passion all the way. Have been reaching out to fellow bloggers and enjoying all the delicious mouthwatering dishes and writings on food that sometimes loose track of the passing time. Try it, you will love Google+ if you too share a passion.

2-Knot n Stitch
If you are wondering what this is, then let me take you on a tour of the new venture that I with two other talented women have got started on. We have been planning this venture for some time now and are really glad that we have been able to give it the desired shape. A venture in the soft furnishing home decor niche, knot n stitch aims at providing quality designer soft furnishing products for your home. Dressing beautiful homes, is our aim. As housewives we love our homes and know just how much you are in love with your home. Here is a peek into our collection of designer cushion covers. New additions to the product range is happening regularly so please stay tuned for more designs and products. We also have a FB page which is regularly updated with the latest products and news at knotnstitch.

3- Cooking
Cooking of course, is definitely keeping me hooked.Coming soon, quick, easy and delicious Pav Bhaji.

Although I must admit it is more of watching videos and the lovely recipes on G+ and the blogs, have so so many recipes bookmarked that if I actually got down to trying all these recipes, I would be spending months together in the kitchen and still would not run out of ideas. I am loving watching the Food Food Channel, Zee Khana Khazana and must make a special mention of a new cooking discovery. Love the program the twist of taste on Fox Traveller by Chef Vineet Bhatia.
Amazing the way he adds a twist to regular everyday dishes and look easy to try with a limitedset of ingredients. He also takes you on a tour to the different states and cities of India, so for those who love their food, it is travel food and a lot to enjoy and learn.


Ramya Krishnamurthy said...

nice to see ur blog thru g+.lovely collection of recipes in ur space.happy to follow u:)

Sayantani said...

lovely cushion covers you have made there. very neat work.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Very nice cushions and admire your hobbies dear. Lovely creations. I too started sewing recently and hooked up with learning a saree blouse pattern now :)

Anonymous said...

you are very very creative,keep up your creativity soaring high all the time...loved the cushions :-)

Supriya Nair said...

Lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

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