Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mom's Kerala style fish curry

I think I am getting a little homesick. The wait for the summer vacations to begin is getting on to me I guess. I am back to yet another of Mom's wonderful recipes - the yummy Kerala style fish curry. The red color and the huge pieces of seer fish (Surmai) peeping out of them is tempting me already. This is a photograph taken of the fish curry mom made while she was here. Oh I just love it, in fact,the only fish curry that I eat is what mom cooks or then I cook:)(which is very rarely actually).

This is one that my hubby and daughter too love and we can just feast on this Kerala fish curry (the red curry is what he calls it) and plain steamed rice and some Kerala pappad of course. It is best had after a few hours of making when all the flavors sink deep into the fish pieces. The curry leaves, the Kerala tamarind (Kodum puli) and the chilli and everything. My mouth is watering already.

My mom makes it the traditional Kerala Meen Chatty or the earthen pot with a flat bottom. The flavors of cooking in one of them is simply unbeatable and then there is of course mom's cooking style which makes any and every dish special. My mom is an expert at seafood and then all her traditional Kerala dishes taste so great of course I could add the chicken curry and so many more of my favorites from her recipes. I think it is time I get book my tickets :)

Seer fish(surmai) - 1 kg

Ginger Garlic paste (made at home is best) - 2 tsp

Onions (preferably the small Kerala onions, the regular ones can also be used) - 100 gms (cut thin and long)

Kashmiri chilli powder(great for the color and taste) - 2 to 3 tsp(mixed in water)

Turmeric powder - 1.4 tsp

Salt to taste

Tamarind - 2 to 3 pieces (Kodum Puli)

Curry leaves 10-15

Greel chillies 2 (slit into 2)

Oil 1 to 2 tbsp

Water 2 cups

For tempering :
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Methi or fenugreek seeds - 1/4 tsp
curry leaves 4 to 5

1- Wash and drain the fish pieces and keep aside.

2-Take a pan and add the oil. Now add in all the ingredients for tempering. When the mustard seeds splutter, add in the onions, ginger garlic paste and the turmeric. Saute till the onions turn soft. Add salt and Kashmiri chilli powder paste mixed in water(mixing in water lets the chilli powder blend well with the rest of the ingredients and also gives it a thick texture. Saute till the oil separates.

3- Add 2 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Now add the fish pieces(once the fish pieces are added do not keep stirring or they will break) and the pieces of tamarind (soak the tamarind pieces in 1/4 cup water for 10-15 minutes in advance before using).

4-Cover and cook till the fish pieces are cooked and the gravy thickens. Add the slit green chillies and cover and keep.
Serve after an hour (if served after 4-5 hours would taste better).

Best served with plain steamed rice or boiled rice


Happy cook said...

You are making me homesick now posting this curry and making me drool too.
Last time i had this currywas when i was in India. Here i dodn't make fish curry as hubby and daughter don't like them. So i think i will sit and drool here.

Cham said...

As u and HC said , I am homesick now seeing ur fish :( The gravy is simply inviting me with plain bowl of rice :)

Suma Rajesh said...

this is the same way i too used to prepare out of tilapia fillets or really tastes tooo good..ur pic looks very tempting..

Varsha Vipins said...

wowow..yummyy..I just make it the samw way,add coriander powder too..u made me homesick too..:)

Pooja said...

Dish is simply delicious..Are u from andhra..

Jeena said...

This looks really really good! I love this kind of fish curry yummmmmmm!!!

Saras said...

Sounds very delicious & will giva try soon

Neenu Praveen said...

kothiyavunnu..happy to follow u...