Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Lunch Box Event Round Up

When it comes to kids picky or fussy eater is a common feature. There are probably just a handful of them who would happily eat anything that mom makes (but they are really hard to find, I am still to find one). This is one reason that I came up with the lunch box event because with my hands on experience finding a new dish to satisfy my fussy eater was getting difficult. It has to be the perfect combination of healthy and yes, has to definitely appeal to these highly choosy taste buds. Here is a round up that I am glad to present and am sure many moms like me would love it. Thanks for all the support and encouragement and making this event possible.

1)The first to come in is Suma Rajesh’s French fries with cheese. French fries and that too with cheese is sure hard for the kiddies to resist. A wonderful recipe to start the round up with.

2) EC has two very healthy and tasty dishes with her green chickpeas cutlet and the masala idli fry (the less oil version)
- Green chickpeas cutlet

- Masala idli fry

3)Laavanya has healthy, colorful and quick to make peppered vegetable rice that the little ones and their dads too are sure to love.

4)Jaishree has the ver so popular vegetable Frankie with her special personal touch.

5)Priyasuresh has a great spread with varied dishes to suit each mood and palate.
-Spicy Mozzarella Sandwich

-Tofu Fried Rice

-Tofu crispy Balls

-Tofu Paratha

6)Soma Rathore a first time visitor has smiling face bunnies ("My bunnies were happy too")that kids would definitely find attractive.

7)Sandhya Kannan has an elaborate and healthy lunch box spread with her Gobi with Jeera rice.

8)Anudivya’s Garbanzo beans potato cutlet are an innovative recipe for the lunch box.

9)Pavani send in a South Indian favorite, the snack idli her style.

10)For snack time here is a delicious recipe from Yasmeen. Since its low in sugar good for lunch time too, her son loves them in lunch box.

11)Sangeeth Raghunathan has a healthy eat the Spinach rice. A easy to cook and good to eat recipe.

12)Sireesha presents a wonderful way to get your kiddies to eat vegetables without fuss. The veg rolls look simply superb.

13)Divya Vikram has this lovely flavored coriander rice. The color is superb and I am sure the taste is heavenly.

14)Neema has this tasty garlicky noodles and chicken wraps that both moms and kids will find difficult to keep off.
-Garlicky Noodles

-Fusion Chicken Wrap

15) Sudeshna, a first time visitor has send in two wonderful entries. A meal in itself the egg sandwich and a sweet ending the caramel pudding.
-Caramel Pudding

-Egg Sandwich

16) A mouth watering traditional favorite from Uma. The Moongdal Kichdi is a wonderful meal idea that all moms would love to use to get their young ones to eat healthy.

17)Shifali Katyal has a traditional favorite in the Delicious and Yummy Poha

18)Supriya Natu has send in these wonderful squash puris that her 5 yr old daughter loves. I am sure many moms too would find in a great way to treat their little bundle of joy.

19)Cham has these delicious looking Mac and & Veg tofu frittata. Healthy, tasty and definitely appealing.

20)Anjali J. has a definite kids favorite the bread pizza.

21)Lakshmi Raman has send in a traditional south Indian recipe that her 1 ½ year old daughter loves.
Idli batter
Carrots -litte bit
beetroot - little bit
Paneer [very very little]
Corrinader leaves

For seasoning:
Curry leaves
1 geen chille
little bit ginger finely chopped

Vessel needed
In India it's called "Paniyara Kuzhi" In US it's called "PANCAKE PAN"
Take dosa batter , add onion, carrots , beetroot , paneer ,corriander leaves[cut very nucely so that they'll not take it and throw it]
a pinch of slat[very little]. Do the seasoning and add it to the dough [if your kids are introduced to spicy food , remove green chillies
before adding to the dough].Mix well

Put ghee in the kuzhi's and let it become very hot[ you can get non-stick also. But with ghee it tastes good for the kids]
and out dough and wait for that to get cooked
Once it's cooked , turn the other side and cook.

22)Raaji is a new reader to my blog and liked the theme. She has for us the delicious semiya upma and some lip smacking pasta her style.
-Semiya Upma

-Evelyn's Favorite Pasta

23)Bhawana has a power packed Moong Dal Chille for your picky little eater. Taste and health all in one.

24)Pallavi has send in four irresistible entries that would make any mom happy. This is not all her blog is sort of a mini round up with a range of kid friendly recipes.
-Yummy Healthy Wraps

-Nutritious Whole Wheat Blend Rotini With Vegetables

-Tofu Pad Thai

-Quick n Easy Tofu Stir Fry

25)Vidhya iyer has healthy chapathis that are a rich source of veggies.

26)Jujubs has a wholesome lunch box for her little one “Muffins” . Her lunch box includes penne pasta with philadelphia chive and onion cream cheese together with milk.She has Caesar salad, grapes and pound cake slices to complete the meal.

It was absolutely awesome presenting this round-up. If by any chance have missed out on any recipe or entry please do mail me at vandanarajesh2@gmail.com


Simran said...

I myself am going to try all these delicious recipes for my lunch box. Thanks for hosting such a great event.

Priya said...

Awesome ROundup Vandhana...each n every recipes r quite interesting n healthy as well as colourful..everything looks delicious...thanks for hosting..

n33ma said...

Vandana thats a job done so well.Good Collection.You solved many moms lunch dilemmas.

Suma Rajesh said...

great round up ...this would defintlly gives mee idea to satify my little gal hungry too...

Sujatha said...

fantastic round-up, Vandana! I missed it and didn't realize the date :( But this round-up is going to be very helpful..thanks for hosting such a nice and useful event! :)

Supriya said...

Thanks for the round-up Vandana. Now I have a one-stop shop for fixing my daughter's lunch box.

Pallavi said...

Thanks for the awesome event and the lovely roundup..and the kind words. All the entries are so good... Bookmarking this page.. :)

Sangeeth said...

lovely roundup girl! now we have a lot to pack :)

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Hooo whole lot of recipes......great roundup......

Cham said...

Much waited round-up, very useful for lunch idea :) Great Job Vandana !

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awesome recipes vandana,it looks great yaar

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Great and wonderful roundup...Now I have a one-stop shop for fixing my daughter's hungry too...Thx for hosting such a wonderful event..

Vidhya said...

wow thats a wonderful roundup and thanks for sharing all those wonderful recipes.

Laavanya said...

Lovely roundup - thanks for this very useful event Vandana

Purva Desai said...

Vandana thanks for dropping by.....u have a yummm blog too...
The round up is filled with really healthy and delicious lunch box......
Read ur profile ur from Sydenhams and I am from competitive Narsee Monjee Collg....so u were in Mumbai..my Hometowm...:)
Dats good to know...

Uma said...

wow, a delicious display of many lunch ideas! great job Vandana! I don't know how I missed this wonderful round up! Happy Diwali!

Yasmeen said...

hi vandana,
Thanks for the tasty round up,now i've many more healthy lunch box ideas.
I've an award waiting for you at my blog,please collect:)

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Wonderful recipes.. nice effort Vandhana.. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!!!

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